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Salman Khan proves he is large hearted- again…

Salman Khan has been referred to as the ‘bad-boy’ of Bollywood time and again in the media. We wonder why as the actor is known for helping other actors with their careers and also for his humanitarian; charity activities that he does through his NGO Being Human. Now, the actor proved once again that he is a large-hearted man by taking care of one of his back-ground dancers.

The dancer Vinay Rajput, who was seen dancing beside Salman Khan in movies like Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Wanted, Partner, etc, has been hospitalized because of a kidney failure and when Salman came to know about it, he promised Vinay’s family that he will take care of Vinay’s hospital bills. While Salman did this, almost 100 dancers from his next film Jai Ho, donated their one day’s pay towards Vinay’s hospital expenses.

Talking about Vinay, the choreographer Ahmed Khan said that he was on insulin for many years and that now he is very weak and added that he was a strong man, mentally and physically. Now Vinay has been shifted to the hi-fi Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital, from a smaller hospital.

Incidentally, Vinay’s father Chinu Rajput, is also a retired Bollywood junior artiste; who was Helen’s dancing partner in the song Piya Tu Ab to Aaja. So this proves that families and fraternities always stay together…

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