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Numerology fever hits Rajinikanth

It is common knowledge that film-makers in Bollywood believe a lot in numerology. Rakesh Roshan makes sure all of his films start with the letter ‘K’, Salman Khan added an extra ‘g’ in Dabangg and Bigg Boss; it’s all been there done that stuff. What is surprising now that Rajinikanth, who is a god unto himself, also started believing in numerology.

In his upcoming film Kochadaiiyaan, the extra ‘i’ in the title is a numerological strategy as numerologist Sanjay Jumaani says “Stars following numerology is one thing, but Rajinikanth, whom some people consider God, too decided to modify the title of his film at our suggestion.”

Talking about other films he suggested titles for, Jumaani said Dabangg’s extra ‘g’ marked Salman’s return as the superstar, and Bigg Boss, also with a double ‘g’, has only propelled his success. Akshay had a couple of bad years, but we’d predicted that in his 45th year (9), he will see a lot of success – and last year, three of his films, OMG Oh My God!, Rowdy Rathore and Housefull 2, were all blockbusters.” Salman’s Mental too went through many title changes, with Jai Ho being chosen as the final title ahead of Azaad. Sanjay says, “Jai Ho will do well because it adds up to 15 (6) and it’s releasing on the 24th (6). We had suggested that it was the better title.”
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