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What’s beneath Mallika Sherawat’s bold exterior?

Mallika Sherawat turns 36 today and we wish her a very Happy Birthday to her. But can we stop for a moment here? Just one moment and think what lies beneath her bold exterior? What it is like to be a sex symbol? What it is like to be looked down upon due to the initial mistakes in your career?

She made her debut as a lead actress in Khwahish. The movie was based on Erich Segal’s Love Story and Mallika Sherawat portrayed the role of Jenny. The movie was too racy for Indian standards, all most to the point of being considered as a B grade movie. Mallika’s acting was not appreciated neither was her skin show. But this lady was determined to make a career in Bollywood and next thing we know is she was starring in Mahesh Bhatt’s Murder alongside Emraan Hashmi. Murder was wow! If it wasn’t backed by such a powerful production house, it wouldn’t see the light of the day and Mallika Sherawat’s and Emraan Hashmi’s career would go down the pit. But the movie released with an A certificate and they got their fame.

Audience, critics and everyone were criticizing Mallika Sherawat left right and center but hey! at least she was being noticed and THAT acknowledgement of her existence was like a breath of fresh air for her. If what she says is true, she had a fall out with her family and literally had no place to go. As y’all know, Bollywood is a place where dreams transfer into reality given the right conditions.

Reema Lamba or rather Mallika Sherawat had all the raw materials. She was hot with a jaw dropping-ly beautiful curvaceous body, she had the killing dusky complexion, she had the perfect lips with a mole on her upper lip and she knew how to act and was ready to be bold!! She was ready to do anything for her survival. Whatever she did was up front and in front of everybody. She wasn’t goody two shoes on screen and something else off screen.

From here on started Mallika Sherawat’s journey. A journey where she had no companion, no one supported but many people of course threw stones at her. They called her names, media dragged her to mud like she was their toy but Mallika always had a million dollar smile on her face. She had a fan following, very little but she did. Then she appeared in Welcome. I cannot explain her role when compared to her other roles. It was nothing sexy or adulteress type. Okay, so here it is. If her role in Murder was a like a little black dress, then her role in Welcome was like a night suit, okay she was glamorous so maybe a very very decent Anarkali.

Like I said, Mallika Sherawat is very determined and strong headed and did not let anything stop her. She appeared in a Hollywood movie Hiss.. with Jackie Chan. Nobody could appreciate what she did but everybody did criticize what she did wrong. While she was promoting Hiss.. Jackie Chan kissed her on the cheek and everyone in the industry lost their minds. Richard Gere kissed Shilpa Shetty and it wasn’t much of a controversy. Hypocrites! She danced with Antonia Banderas and she was called names! What are these double standards? But again Mallika didn’t give a care in the world and to this day is working hard.

Team Celebden wishes Mallika Sherawat a very Happy Birthday and commends her on being so strong and confident about her self, her appearance and everything that’s related to her. You rock girl!!}

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