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Mallika at Cannes, her dressing saga

She was one of the first Indian to gain popularity abroad, though for the reasons. Mallika Sharawat is more popular for her cleavage show than for her films. When she goes abroad there is no exception. In the Cannes film festive every year she is in headlines for the wrong reasons, courtesy her dressing. Skin show has become synonymous with this lady.We present to you, Mallika at Cannes.

Gown Saga

Mallika-Sherawat- in Cannes
This is one of the most rare occasions where Mallika Sherawat was seen not indulging in any cheap skin show. She surprising looks beautiful in this elegant beige and black colored off shoulder gown. Her hair is kept simple and so is her make up. She turns heads for the right reasons.

What Do You Call This

Mallika-Sherawat- in Cannes
Well, we are still figuring what do u call this kind of dress or is it a dress in the first place? It’s just some bits and pieces of cloth covering her essentials. Whatever made her wear gloves that covered her fingers and not wear clothes that covered her assets!


Mallika-Sherawat- in Cannes
Wonder if Mallika Sherawat realizes how beautiful she looks here. This beige colored body hugging full length dress looks ravishing on her dusky skin tone. Her hair is tied up neatly. Her make up is chosen very wisely. Her red lips look gorgeous. The dress accentuate her curves very well. This proves that Ms. Sherawat can look gorgeous even without any skin show.

Gold Saga

Mallika-Sherawat- in Cannes
This dress is on the line, not bad but not great either. She shows off her well toned back in this Golden number. Not a very flattering dress though. Probably she is most comfortable when she shows her cleavage.

Black Backage

Mallika-Sherawat- in Cannes
Well look like Mallika Sherawat ran into some studio and all the excess camera reel found some place on her body. This is so confusing that we don’t understand where to begin and where to end.

Cleavage Queen

Mallika-Sherawat- in Cannes
This is heights of vulgarity. There is a fine line that distinguishes people who are sexy and people who are ahem. Mallika Sherawat clearly doesn’t get that. This dress is a huge disaster. Her skimpy blouse which does not do the job of covering her chest is a big mishap.

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