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Sri Devi talks about how Diwali rituals have changed over time!

Sri Devi isn’t a kind of mother who bosses around the house. In fact, she is a very ‘cool mother’ who respects the needs of changing time and tells her daughters – Jahnve and Khushi to “take it easy”
With Diwali very close, the actress acknowledges the fact that the festival is not more about getting up early in the morning as her parents would insist her to do. However, one this that has stayed constant in Sri Devi’s house is the ritual of shopping for her daughters every Diwali.
She reveals, “Every Diwali, I buy them the traditional South Indian Pattu Pavadai (half-saris) from Chennai myself. They can be in any colour, but black. We burst crackers and go for a family dinner, but there are no card parties.”
While the elegant actress looks lovely in saris, she says that her daughters are a little too young to drape the six yard clothing piece.  “I would love to see them in one, but they are too young. They won’t be able to manage it…in a few years’ time definitely,” she adds.

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