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Shahid and the world is preparing for Sachin Tendulkar’s last test match!

Now we all know how important Sachin Tendulkar has become in our heart and lives. When he comes on to the crease to bat, all our hearts take a break. Sachin when edges the ball, our hearts sure skips a beat. This is how integral Sachin Tendulkar has become in our lives. And now that Sachin Tendulkar will be retiring on November 14 from all formats of the game, people are more than just eager to catch a glimpse of this world-class batsman for one last time.

If you think Bollywood isn’t bitten by this bug, then let me tell you that you are wrong. A barrage of celebrities from the B-town are going to watch Sachin hold the cricket bat and represent our country for one last time on November 14th in Mumbai. Many A-list celebrities have already confirmed that they will be attending his last match which will also be his 200th test match.

Even Shahid Kapoor is a very big fan of Sachin Tendulkar. And looks like the actor is very keen on taking a couple of days off from work next month so that he can go and watch the cricket legend play his last test match in Mumbai, which starts on November 14. The only thing that is holding back Shahid Kapoor from going for the match is the promotional activities of R.. Rajkumar, which will be releasing on December 6.

We have also heard that Shahid Kapoor is trying to work his schedule around Master Blaster’s last match as Shahid is eager to catch the gem of a player live in the stadium for one last time. Whether or not he gets approval from the producers of the movie remains to be seen. Like Shahid , there are many actors who are eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of the master blaster for one last time. We wonder how mind-blowing the crowds at the stadium will be on 14th. The eagerness, the excitement and the heart-break of seeing this legend perform for one last time will be stunning! We are super sure about Sachin Tendulkar’s last test to be a mega event, and it would be perfect if he ends his career with a century!

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