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Satya 2 Release Postponed

There was much speculation over the date of Ram Gopal Varma’s Satya 2 release; before it was finally announced that the movie will be released on October 25th. Now, RGV has disappointed his fans by postponing the release date to November 8th. Citing issues with the producer Arun Sharma, the release of the gangster flick has been postponed.

RGV posted on his micro-blogging site “Due to issues of an issue of L R active’s Arun Sharma we were strongly advised to disassociate from L am postponing release of Satya 2.” He also added “After disassociating with all L R Active Arun Sharma related issues Satya 2 will now release on November 8th instead of October 25th.”

In the meantime, all you RGV fans can watch this music video from the movie; which was inspired from The Godfather

Satya 2 Godfather Music Video
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