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Mallika Sherawat reveals her kinkiest fantasies!

Mallika Sherawat is on cloud 9 these days (atleast on her TV show, ‘The Bachelorette India – Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika’). Apparently, the actress confessed on a video posted on YouTube, promoting her TV show. 


The kinkiest gift I will give someone is a silk blindfold and an ostrich feather,” she said in the video posted on YouTube.

“The kinkiest gift that I have received is a pair of leather underwear. It was not given to me by a guy, but from a company who made it as a sample, presented me that,”
she said.

When she was asked to name her ideal hot hero, the actress promptly said: “Ideal hot hero according to me is Hrithik Roshan. He has got perfect looks, perfect figure, and a fit body. He is a great dancer and he is romantic too.”

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