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Amy Speaks : Kangana Ranaut surprises everyone and takes over social media

I logged on to my Facebook yesterday and the entire news feed was filled with my female friends sharing a video of Kangana Ranaut. It wasn’t a dirty MMS scam, or a wardrobe malfunction or a ramp-walk fail. It wasn’t even a video of Aditya Pancholi hitting her(since the Pancholi family is in news these days for all the wrong reasons and the two shared a violent relationship). It was just an interview and I was like why would so many people share Kangana Ranaut’s video? I ignored it and continued wasting my time on other things.

I came back on the site and I was like, whaaaat! Why is Kangana’s video here? What has she done? Since we are programmed to think the worst and hope for the worst, it never occurred to me that this video or rather this interview would be something so real and not filmy. I thought to myself, what the hell! Lets just watch this interview.

There were moments when I had to replay certain parts of the interview, I was so cynical about this entire interview that I couldn’t believe what she was saying. Was she for real? Was this interview for real? I don’t think interviews can be photo-shopped!

Kangana Ranaut was there alright, with Anupama Chopra, sitting like a Greek Goddess. The first thing that I noticed about her were her pretty gladiators and then what she was wearing and then her hairstyle and the minimum make up that she did and I was astounded. And even before I could recover from the shock, Anupama Chopra asked her about her spectacular fashion sense and I was like yes! I would like to know a thing or two about it.

I was expecting her to flaunt her designer clothes, say that she got it from a trip to Milan last week and that’s how she rolls and she has this knack right since she was a little girl. But this woman surprised me again! She said, and I quote “It all happened since I’ve come to Mumbai, getting to travel and see the world and read and learn about different cultures” . And this is where I was sure that I was going to watch the entire 18 minute video!

Kangana Ranaut spoke her heart out. She was just sitting there you know? With her head held high, not stammering for one single moment, not being intimidated by the cameras, not giving a *insert any kind of expletive that you like here* about the world or the industry. Not being pretentious. And to be blandly honest, I LOVED HER.

She spoke about her inner insecurities like it was no big deal. She said she tries to be her best to compensate the feeling of coming from a lower back ground. I was thinking what horrible things did these mean people in Bollywood do to her to make her like this? She said she was always a strong headed person and her moral compass always pointed North but I had a hard time believing it.

By the time I was done with the video, I was still in a euphoria. I was shocked, surprised, happy for her, excited about her rather exciting movies and at the same time I discovered a new found respect for Kangana Ranaut, for the girl who hailed from a small town. I cannot force everyone to watch the video but here’s a link to whoever’s interested. Believe me, you won’t regret it!

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