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Hrithik Roshan doesn’t mind Krrish 3 being compared with X-Men!

With Krrish 3’s release just around the corner, the Industry seems to be buzzing about each and every news associated with the movie. We have seen Hrithik Roshan in an un-ending promotion spree for his upcoming superhero flick. After the trailers and posters of the were out, there were many comparisons made between Krrish 3 and famous hollywood franchise, X-Men.

When Hrithik was asked about such comparisons, he gave the reporter a rather surprising answer. While everyone expected that he may have problem with such a question, he surprised everyone saying that comparisons with such movies are actually good.

“Comparisons are good. At least we have a film of a genre that can be compared in terms of special effect, superhero genre which until now is nonexistent. So comparisons are always good. People are curious to know what India is making. As Indians, this is our first home-grown superhero, VFX effect, musical extravaganza film,” Hrithik said proudly.

It is great to see that Hrithik takes things in a lighter sense. This incident definetly shows what an optimistic person Hrithik is. He further went on to say that he takes immense pride to be part of talented crew of Krrish 3 which used Indian talent. “We are feeling proud that we came up with this film. I am happy that my father took this decision to make this film Indianised by having Indian technicians. Nobody had enough faith in them, my father gave them an opportunity and after this the world will open up for them,” Hrithik explained.
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