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Amy Speaks : Ram Chahe Leela copied from Yaaro Sab Dua Karo? WTH!

Until yesterday Priyanka Chopra’s Instagram feed was filled with posters of Krrish 3 and then suddenly there was a change! She uploaded a picture of herself from the sets of Ram Leela wearing a white costume that she was donning for her sexy, sultry item number, Ram Chahe Leela. Let me remind you guys, this was the same item song that Aishwarya Rai lost to Piggy Chops.

Now, her picture said that the song Ram Chahe Leela was finally going to release and it would be somewhere around 8 AM. Just like everything else it released a little late. A publicity stunt I’m assuming. Never mind all that! We were all extremely happy that the song was finally out. This happiness was similar to that when Madhuri Dixit’s Ghagra released.

Everything was set, we were all pretty excited. And then, the song released. The song was really good! The tune was catchy, the song was preppy, everyone appreciated Priyanka’s moves. I, however was was disappointed with Priyanka Chopra. I mean, she is SO talented! She’s a brilliant actress, she sings so well, she’s an international celebrity. What more could she want? Why did she agree for that item number?

Such a disgrace if you ask me! There’s a fine line between being bold and being vulgar and I think Priyanka was on the other side. It’s actually sad! Well, all that was momentary, I tsked for a while and went on to do my work.

The song like I already mentioned is very catchy. It’s the kind that gets into your head and you keep on singing it and then keep mumbling the lyrics. And then, something struck me. The tune was so familiar. And then it clicked me!!! The tune for Ram chahe Leela, Leela chahe Ram was a direct rip off from Nusrath Fateh Ali Khan’s Yaaro Sab Dua Karo. Not entirely but it is so similar.

I’m sure the music director was some what inspired by the sufi music. Tsk Tsk. RIP originality. We did not expect this from Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Are you in the rat race too? Do you want to enter the 100 crore club that bad? Having an item number is one thing but getting inspired from a song is entirely other. Hmmm! There goes my hope for anything real in Bollywood.

Yaaro sab dua karo

Listen closely from 1:04 to 1:21 and pay attention to 1:18 to 1:21. Is it just me? Or the tune is really inspired?! Hmph! Will Sanjay Leela Bhansali agree that Ram Chahe Leela was copied? Will the word Ram Chahe Leela copied give him nightmares?

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  1. Vijay

    November 25, 2013 at 9:25 pm

    Dude, its copied from Potli baba Ki.

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