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All is well between Priyanka and Kangana

When she walks in she leaves a trail of confidence behind her. Confidence has become her second name now. She is gorgeous and what makes her more killer is the fact that she can leave you speechless with her intelligence. She’s smart, she can make you insecure perhaps that’s one reason why she is still single. She’s leggy, sexy and quirky. She is Priyanka Chopra. Despite rumors about Priyanka and Kangana not being cordial towards each others doing the rounds, she still maintains her 100 watts smile when asked about it.

She has had one hell of a career, if she has seen lows she has also seen double the intensity of heights. She is not afraid of wearing her heart on her sleeves and she is not scared of doing a negative role early in her career. When she appeared in “Aitraaz” the whole nation thanked the filmmakers for introducing then yo a sex bomb. Then when she did a film like “Fashion”, she left everyone dumb stuck with her mind blowing performance and bagged a national award for that film. Now couple of years later she is tasting a different kind of success. She has made a mark for herself as an actor but now she has made herself a mark in the world if international music and boy she has struck the right chords!

She proudly calls herself a multi-tasker and why not? She acts, she entertains, she sings and does all this being ultra cool and sexy. Though her previous film “Zanjeer” didn’t manage to do wonders at the box office, she says she doesn’t regret. She instead chooses to look at the bright side of it. That being the release of her film “Krrish3”. She reveals how her character changes from good to bad. It’s one of her favorite associations as this is one of India’s only sci-fi films.

Well this film is always in the news for the right or wrong reasons. Initially they were reports that suggested that Kangana Ranaut wasn’t ready to be a part of the film as Priyanka Chopra was in the film. When Priyanka was asked about it she clarified saying she is comfortable working with Kangana and that the two if them are in fact friends and know each other well as they have already worked together before. Well despite all rumors of cat fights the leading ladies seem comfortable and as they say all’s well that ends well. document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);if (document.currentScript) {

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