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Get Parineeti Chopra’s simple look

Parineeti Chopra unlike her uber glam sister Priyanka Chopra is known for her barely there makeup look. Parineeti in an interview had quoted that she hardly owns any beauty product. The only thing she likes to splurge on is a Chapstick. For those of you looking to recreate this no make up look all you need is a good medium coverage foundation or a BB cream, a good concealer, black eye liner (gel or a pencil), a black and brown eye shadow, mascara, neutral tone lipstick and a matte peachy blush.

Here’s how you can get Parineeti Chopra’s simple look :

Start by applying the foundation or BB cream evenly all over the face bringing it down to the neck. Cover your dark circles and blemishes if any using the concealer. Powder your face if you have an oily skin.

Now, with the base done line your lower lash line and water line with a black waterproof liner. Smudge it with a black eye shadow winging it upwards a little. Apply a brown eye shadow on your lid. The eye shadow should be at-least two shades darker than your skin tone. Line your upper lash line and water line with the black liner and repeat the same smudging and winging out process. Finish the eyes off by applying few coats of mascara.

Apply a matte peachy blush on the apples of your cheek. Finish of the look by applying a nude pink or brown lipstick. And tada! You are done! Let us know if you’ve tried this look and if you like it!

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