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Shahrukh Khan becomes the knight in shining armour for a 5-year-old

Shahrukh Khan is a man with a golden heart. The actor has come to the rescue of a 38-year-old named Mohammed Azaz Shaikh, who is a light man since the past 12 years, by none other than Shahrukh Khan, as the actor has promised to take care of his five-year-old’s education.

A source close to the Shaikhs told Mirror, “Azaz’s wife Zarina won a contest and got the opportunity to receive her gift from Shahrukh. The event took place on Saturday and she met him on stage where she also happened to talk about the difficult times her family was going through.”

The source added, “She then told him everything about their financial problems and how they had to discontinue her daughter’s education as her husband was going through a tough time. Shah Rukh then promised to take care of the girl’s school fees.”

When a popular daily contacted Mohammed, he was initially hesitant to talk about the incident.

“I used to freelance for Balaji till the start of this year, then things began to slow down and it became difficult for me to survive. I then had to take up odd jobs to meet my needs. I had to stop my daughter’s education,” he said. Added Mohammed, “Thanks to Mr Shah Rukh Khan, my daughter Nisha will be going back to school very soon.”

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