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Priyanka Chopra wants to get married six times!

Priyanka Chopra who is one of the most gorgeous and stunning looking actress in the industry is also considered to be one of the most eligible bachelorette in the country. So, when we questioned her about her plans on getting married, she shocked everybody by saying that she wanted to get married not once, nor twice, but six times! Before any evil thoughts start popping in your head, let us make it clear to you that she wants all those six marriages to be with the same person.

Priyanka, in an interview said, “Like every other girl, I have been planning my wedding since my childhood. I want to get married six times( to the same man, of course), but in different venues and in a different ceremony every time. The first one would be at my ancestral place in Ambala, which I will celebrate with my whole family and friends. The second one would be in Australia, it would be an underwater wedding in the Great Barrier Reef. The third one I want would be in Las Vegas and as you see in Hollywood movies, a priest dressed as Elvis Presley would perform it.”

She further added, “The next would be at a small church in Locarno, Switzerland. The penultimate one would be a Nikah as I believe it is a very beautiful and romantic ceremony. The last one will decided by the groom, if he survives all through that. But since I am a perfectionist, I know for a fact that all hell will break loose at my wedding, as a slight mishap will make me go mad.

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