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Pooja Bhatt walks out of ‘Bad’!

The buzz in town is the Pooja Bhatt has walked out of ‘Bad’, a film which she was co-producing along with Cynozure Entertainment and Waves. We have learnt that the reason why Pooja walked out was because of differences over the budget of the movie.

When contacted Pooja said, “The production cost went out of control. After a point, I did not find the film financially feasible. I gave my 50 percent share back to my co-producers.” When asked about creative issues also being the bone of contention, she said, “There is nothing more creative than an unbeatable financial model. Films that go over budget are not creative exercises but vanity -fuelled ones. I don’t want my investors to lose money.”

Amit Kapoor, a producer with Cynozure Networkz says, “The exit of Pooja from the film was a business decision. My company and Waves were always the producers of the film and still continue our belief in the project.”

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