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Priyanka Chopra feels the pressure to again break 100 crore barrier?

Apart from Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra has had a hit equation with any other actor at the Box Office then, it has to be the ‘Superhero of Bollywood – Krrish’, Hrithik Roshan! Each and every film of the duo have been a massive hit at the box office. Though the sultry actress has been paired alongside Hrithik twice, Krrish and Agneepath, the trade analyst are going all gung-ho about the pairing in Krrish 3 as their previous flick was loved by audience. Now, all are eagerly awaiting for the release of Krrish 3 to do some record breaking business at the box office.

However, the actress, who has crossed the magical 100 crore mark more than once, infact thrice to be precise with films like Agneepath(around 124 Crores), Barfi! (around 107 Crores), Don 2 (around 110 Crores), still feels nervous and pressurized by the ‘100 Crore’ funda which has become a trend off late. She says uninhibitedly, “100 crores is a huge pressure…this is all media created.”

She even commented on the current obsession of the 100 crore madness, ” The 100 crore club thing works in the case of big-budgeted films. The comparisons and estimations are fine with those films. But asking small-budget or small scale films or the films which are not meant to be in that category that will it make 100 crores and all is silly and unfair. Because every film is made with different agenda, with different purpose and on a different scale. Every film may not be necessarily made for making huge monies. See it all depends. For e.g. if a film is made on a shoestring budget of 10-15 crores and if it collects 25-30 crores & plus then it’s still counted as superhit but agar aapne 100 crores ki film banayi hai aur 110 crores earn kiye hai toh woh hit film nahi hai (if the costing of your film is 100 crores and you make 110 crores then in that case it’s not a hit). But sadly, we don’t write about it or go ahead and explain it clearly.”

When we questioned her about the huge expectations from her upcoming superhero flick, Krrish 3, she said, “I hope so. KRRISH 3 should be at least a superhit. Because I think KRRISH 3 is kind of film which in itself is a unique genre. We, in India, never do that many sci-fi films, especially at the level of KRRISH 3 and Rakesh Roshan has been pioneer in doing it.”

She even spoke about her pairing with Hrithik Roshan, “If you see I have only worked with Hrithik in my entire career…When I did KRRISH with Hrithik I was just 1-2 year old in the industry and it took some 2.5 yrs to complete. Then I did AGNEEPATH with Hrithik, which again took 2-3 yrs to arrive. And now KRRISH 3 took almost 3.5 yrs in the making. So in my entire 10 year career, it feels I have worked maximum with Hrithik only.”

Krrish 3, a film which is directed by Rakesh Roshan, features Hrithink Roshan as the superhero and Vivek Oberoi as the villain(Kaal). The film is produced by Filmkraft Productions and will be releasing on November 1.

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