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Shahrukh Khan and Tusshar Kapoor hug!!

Cold wars are almost like another fashion trend in Bollywood now. Almost every bit actor/actress/maker has had their share of cold wars and some still do.

The most recent one was after Chennai Express overshadowed Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara and hogged all the screens and media attention. It triggered off a cold war between Shahrukh Khan and the makers and the lead actor (Akshay Kumar) of OUATIMD.

So when Tusshar Kapoor (co-producer of OUATIMD) and Shahrukh Khan attended a common friend’s son’s wedding; people thought it will be awkward for the two actors. But the two seem to have broken the ice as Shahrukh went and gave a hug to Tusshar.

They also had a conversation and were seen talking normally. It seems they’ve let bygones by bygones.



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