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Aradhna Gupta talks about her debut film ‘Satya 2’ and more..

Aradhna Gupta will be making her Bollywood debut with Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming flick, Satya 2, is both, excited as well as nervous at the same time as the release date inches closer-and-closer. She says, I want the result to be positive, but I am also practical. I don’t believe in ‘keeping-my-fingers-crossed’ kind of magic”.

Aradhna Gupta will be playing a role of a wannabe actress who comes all the way from Delhi to Mumbai to make a mark in the Hindi film industry. She soon meets Satya and gets embroiled in an untoward situation. “What makes the character interesting is the equation she shares with Satya… he wants to run away from her!” she reveals, adding, “My character is in complete contrast to the raw and rustic mood of the film.”

Aradhna who has studied mass media is also familiar with Kathak, ballet and belly-dancing met Ram Gopal Varma through a common friend. “He made me enact a scene from the film and just like that, I was on board,” she says.

She also revaled that while shooting for the film, she regretted the schedule on the beach. She said, “Since we were shooting in May, it was very hot. By the end of the schedule, my skin had darkened completely, so much so that some of my friends actually passed me by at a mall and they didn’t recognise me. I felt so bad.” Aradhna will also be doing a film along with Jagran Productions Ltd after Satya 2,

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