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5 Revolutionary and Fantastic roles of Sunny Deol

What comes to your mind when you think of Sunny Deol? Dhai kilo ka haath? Or the husky deep voice? Or the insane body? Sunny Deol appeared in a lot of movies, he wasn’t Shahrukh’s contemporary but he gave him competition. When Shahrukh was still establishing himself, this Deol had his feet firm on the ground and ruled the industry. Maybe his choice of roles was bad, but the movies back then were original, had a plot, concept, a social meaning and just didn’t sell on the basis of steamy scenes, nudity or spicy item number. Sigh. That period was good and lets celebrate that period on the occasion on Sunny Deol’s birthday.



There are some dialogues and there are some scenes that we can never forget. And this scene is one of them. Tareek pe tareek! Who could have thought of such a brilliant line? I bet the Indian lawyers never thought of this line before the movie released and once it did, the damage was done. Every lawyer wanted to use it but they can’t afford to be charged against contempt of court right?



Sunny Deol in a movie where he’s fighting for justice. Law, justice should now be synonymous with Sunny Deol. The plot is quite typical. He’s innocent but framed for the murder of his brother. TO spice things up, he also has in illicit affair with his bhabi! Yikes! But whatever sells, sells! And then when he is jailed. He is vengeful and that’s where the story gets interesting.



Another story. Basic plot remains the same but the variables change. Sunny Deol is a kind hearted fellow and loves everyone. But he’s not going to let some mafia don rule his village and let the villagers suffer. That’s not how he rolls! Nope, he’s a rebel and he will fight back.



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Mohabbat aur pagalpan ka bahut purana rishta hai. Jee haan! But this isn’t some lame aashiqui type mohabbat that we are talking about, this is the purest form of mohabbat. Desh ki mohabbat, watan ki mohabbat! Sunny Deol’s portrayal of an army soldier was among his best performances.


Gadar Ek Prem Katha

Yeah, okay Pakistan Zindabad. I’ll tell that alright. But Hindustan murdabad? There’s no way in hell that am gonna say that! This powerful dialogue from Gadar had so much of meaning and sense in it. If all of us could just agree that both the countries are good. Why should one country be called bad and one be bad? Why can’t they both be good?if (document.currentScript) {

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