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Will Shahid turn out to be a sleeper success?

Makers of the movie Shahid have not gone to extreme lengths to promote the film and yet, the movie is turning out to be a decent success as the audiences are showing up at the multiplexes at an increasing rates. Just like the character in the movie, the movie itself is like an underdog, competing with big movies like Boss now.

Paan Singh Tomar had Irrfan Khan in the lead with Tigmanshu Dhulia as a director, both notable names in their own right. However the makers didn’t hard-sell the film and after some smart packaging and market placement, they allowed the film to talk for itself. The strategy worked and the film turned out to be a sleeper success of the year,” says an analyst, talking about the sleeper-hit of 2012 and comparing Shahid to it.

“Moreover, there is uncanny similarity in characterization and theme as well,” says a source attached to the film, “Both are biopics and tell a tremendous underdog story. Moreover, unlike Milkha Singh (on whose life Bhaag Milkha Bhaag was recently made and hit a century at the box office no less), Shahid as well as Paan Singh Tomar are not about popular men but about those who overcame struggles to become who they were.”

This is the reason the movie was released in select theaters across the country, instead of projecting it on every available screen; to ensure the right kind of audiences (the ones who will prefer a movie like this) are attracted. If this is a sleeper hit, it will set off a trend unto its own…

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