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Veena Malik will now be seen in a Dutch documentary

Veena Malik has always been in news and it has always been for the worst reason possible. She has been surrounded by controversies since the day she stepped in the Big Boss house. Her little stunt with the towel was probably the biggest scandal of that season.

This time, she’s in news for the right reasons. She will soon be featured in a Dutch documentary will might be titled Women In Islam. The documentary was shot the remotest places of Qatar, India, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, London and Holland. It has about 6 episode and will include all the important women from the Islamic culture including Veena Malik

Now you’d ask, why is she so important? Veena Malik is the first and only Pakistani woman to ever to work as a representative for WHO (World Health Organization). We didn’t think Veena was deep and had a sense of responsibility and a shred of decency.

Other than Veena’s achievements, the documentary focuses on the troubles faced by Islamic women. The hardships they face every day, Tradition vs culture, their religious beliefs vs living in the modern society, their need for exposure and education.

If deciding the cast was open for voting, we would vote for the brave 16 year old, Malala Yousfzai for her outstanding work! But then, just like everything else we guess they need a little bit of spice and hence they chose Veena Malik.

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