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Title track of Krrish 3 is a visual delight but disappoints musically!

Here is yet another disappointment from Krrish 3! So far, though the graphics, animation and other aspects of the movie seem to be decent, the one thing that has disappointed us the most is the musical aspect of the movie. We were eagerly waiting holding our breath for the release of the title track of the movie to come out. And yet again Rajesh Roshan with his choice of music has disappointed us with not so impressive track. Visually, like i said earlier, the song is a treat to watch as we get to see glimpses of our very own Indian superhero leaping from one skyscraper to another. Not just Krrish but the other characters from the movie like Kaal(Vivek Oberoi) and Kangana Ranaut in her mutant avatar look impressive.

Anirudh Bhola, Rajesh Roshan and Mamta Sharam of ‘Munni Badnam Hui’ fame lent their voice for the title track. The trio’s attempt wasn’t exactly hair-raising. Considering the superhero will take it to the next level in the third instalment, we were expecting a track which would have blown our mind away instantly. The soft hum and the clichéd lyrics reinforcing that every superhero is born to take away the menacing darkness did not inspire us the way a superhero song should have!

The VFX of Krrish is worth mentioning here. It’s just stunning and made us convince that though the music department was a disappointment at least the visual effects of will surely blow our minds away. Now it’s high time that you see the all new title track of Krrish 3 and don’t forget to tell us how did the music of the movie make you feel.

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