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Rabbiya Khan takes help of a ‘medium’ in search of Jiah Khan’s soul!

We recently saw some very disturbing and shocking images of Jiah Khan’s dead body after her mother Rabbiya Khan released them everywhere as an evidence to the new petition to prove that the death was not a suicide. Now, we again have a shocker for you. Rabbiya used the social platform of twitter and revealed that she went to a medium (psychic medium- a person who can see spirits of the dead). Rabbiya openly admitted in search of her daughter she went to a medium in order to find out what exactly happened on the night of her death.

“Went to the medium one of the famous one on Belgravia road got the answers,” she posted on the micro-blogging site Twitter. This was not it, she further described about the happenings of the meeting. She tweeted about this and said, “I only asked the medium I need a reading and she described bebo (Jiah Khan) exactly as she was and what happened that night.” A twitter follower of her’s even asked her if she could share what happened to Jiah. In response to this, Rabbiya explained what she believes happened to her daughter on the night of her death. “She (Jiah) was kicked, knocked out and then strangled to give the picture of hanging. Sad that she was not capable to do anything like this,” stated Rabbiya Khan.

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