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Nargis Fakhri : The hottest belle in town!

Tu hai meri fantasy! This is what every boy out there must be thinking when they look at Nargis Fakhri. Many people come to Bollywood in search of fame, money and what not. Not all of these succeed. Only few make it, given the fact they have excellent acting skills. If not for that, they should at least look good and the rest can be taken care of. But Nargis Fakhri is special. She looks good, knows how to act and also know her strengths!

alluring diva

High-lows seems like the latest trend in Bollywood and Nargis has got it right! She didn’t go all monotonous with her dress. Agreed that the dress had a golden effect, but the hot pink border is what made it fantastic. Again, we love her hairstyle. She’s just too classy, isn’t she?


Bold,bold bold!!!

Oh la la!!! Nargis Fakhri was spotted doing an Angelina Jolie pose at the TOIFA in a glittery Komal Sood gown. I bet all the other ladies felt a teeny weeny bit jealous and insecure by her appearance. What we love about this look? It’s bold and the pop pink lipstick and the lovely beach waves add volumes to her look! So much adaa in one picture!


not so plain jane

Who knew a plain blue saree with a cut sleeved blouse would look so fabulous?! The blouse isn’t plain but it isn’t flashy either. Just the right amount. We also love what Nargis did to her hair, a slight pouf and a high pony. Just one word to describe her look : Elegant!


hotness redefined

If her blue saree was plain, the dress that she wore for the IIFA gala was screaming for attention. Not in a bad way though. Ms Fakhri’s red gown is makes her look slim and sexy! The red lips and the huge ring are completing her look in a marvelous way.


Sweet yet sexy

Another fantastic Anarkali. Nargis Fakhri either has a superb stylist or she’s too good at what she does. Looking pretty is her job and she does it perfectly. The ishraya earrings and the matching box clutch are worth dying for!

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