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Ranveer Singh doing promotions for Ram Leela from home

There were reports earlier that Ranveer Singh was diagnosed with dengue fever. While some inform that the actor has recovered and he has been discharged from the hospital on October 3rd with a high energy-level. And then there are some sudden eruptions of bad-health reports which only confuse us more.

Says the director, “A day before he was discharged one heard Ranveer was extremely unwell. But the next day he was on his feet and out of the hospital at lightning speed. We then heard he needed full bed-rest and would avoid all public appearances for the next few weeks. All the professional commitments were duly modified. But then he was spotted at a multiplex watching a movie with friends. So very frankly we are quite confused.” 

While official sources maintain that Ranveer’s dengue setback has in no way affected Ram Leela’s promotional activities, an anonymous source says, “Ranveer has cancelled some promotional events for health reasons. And we’re fine with that. Even the strongest heroes need a break for health reasons.”

Ranveer’s spokesperson said, “He is much better now. So he’s doing promotional activities from home.”

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