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Rakesh Roshan: Hrithik Could Have been paralysed

In an interview with a daily, Rakesh Roshan got candid about his life and his opinion about his son Hrithik. He said Hrithik is the best actor he has ever worked with as he listens to whatever the director says. He also spoke about Hrithik’s health and the various issues the actor suffered with.

It is common knowledge that Hrithik Roshan had a speech problem as a child; he used to stammer. In the interview, it was revealed that even Papa Roshan also had the same speech problem.”I suffered from the same problems that he used to. But I knew that if I can overcome them, so would he. The stammering occurs because your tongue is slower than your thought process. If you try to speak slowly and also reduce the speed of your thought process, the stammering goes away,” said the veteran film-maker.

“Even though he had this handicap, he excelled in other fields. He was always good in academics, he used to perform bicycle stunts and also loved to modify his cars,” he added.

When asked about Hrithik’s recent brain surgery, “He was supposed to go to Prague for the shooting of a film next day, the previous night he called me and said his headaches were getting worse. So we took him to the doctor for an MRI and we saw a blood clot on the X-Ray. We were told if he travels, he can suffer from paralysis or go into a coma. He had his operation the next day and everything went smoothly,” was the answer.

His upcoming film Krrish 3, starring Hrithik Roshan, will be released on November 1st.

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