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Priyanka Chopra Vs Kangana Ranaut, dobara

The film industry is filled with cat-fights and cold wars. The latest one is the cold war between Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut, who co-starred together before in Fashion and now are co-starring in the upcoming caped-crusader film Krrish 3. Now the Priyanka Chopra Vs Kangana Ranaut war is the film-makers’ nightmare as the two lead actresses of the film are supposed to appear together during the promotional events of the film.

This comes just a day after it is revealed that Kangana Ranaut initially refused to do the film, citing the reason that her role might be overshadowed by Priyanka’s role. The Roshans are trying to make peace between the two actresses but clearly, it is not happening. A source told a leading daily Priyanka was out of town when the film’s music was launched and the event was attended by the rest of the cast. However, things changed when she came back from Los Angeles. A long itinerary of promotion is being planned involving all the actors but when Priyanka was told about the plans, she told her team that she doesn’t want to share the podium with Kangna.”

The two were supposed to appear together on a TV show, as a part of the film’s promotion but have reportedly refused to appear together. An official from the TV channel says “Both of them are important to the channel. However, for this coming week, we have Kangna making an appearance on the show hosted by Salman Khan. She won’t be promoting the film there but has been invited as a celebrity guest. Priyanka will make a solo appearance the week after. But these plans are suspect to last minute changes.”

Meanwhile, Rakesh Roshan said “Kangna is not upset and we are starting our promotions full throttle from the 20th.”

While Kangana didn’t comment anything on that, she said the movie was a very challenging one for her. “It was difficult because it was physically challenging for me. The action was a bit unreal. It was very raw and a normal human being can’t do it,” Kangana told IANS.

Our action director had come from China and the fight sequences were very difficult. Overall, I had to learn a lot for the film. I feel my experience with Krrish 3 was physically challenging,” she added.

“In the seven years of my career I have been only trying to do different roles. For me, trying different stuff is my priority. I have got acceptance in each genre and that’s a great achievement for me,” said the National Award Winning actress, who wants versatility in her life. “I always wanted to play a superwoman and I was happy to do this. This is one of my best performances. I only hope everybody praises our hard work,” she added.

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