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Kangana Ranaut’s look in Krrish 3 is a rip-off of Catwoman?

Take one look at Kangana Ranaut in the stills of Krrish 3 and you will realise it is like a xerox copy of the Catwoman from the The Dark Knight Rises of the Batman franchise. With so many things being ripped off from Hollywood, one can easily assume this is also copied from Hollywood.

Kangana Ranaut talks about it and says, “Comparing me to Anne Hathaway is flattering. When we all saw I told Hrithik about how Anne Hathaway’s character is so much like my character. But we had already shot for a year. We started in 2011 and The Dark Knight Rises came in 2012. So we had no clue. And if today people are saying that there are similarities, it’s a pure coincidence.”

Well, that is what they say… *wink*

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