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Goats named after Bollywood actors sold for huge sums!

Bollywood is a very mysterious place indeed. The characters and actors in the Film Industry are so huge that some have following of fans which can’t even be imagined! Now, we have seen a lot of kids wanting to name their toys and stuff after Bollywood heroes, but what’s even more unusual is to see goats being named after superstars. It’s very amusing to know that goat sellers in Delhi have named their best goats after famous Bollywood actors like Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. This was special offer on the occasion of Bakrid which was celebrated on October 16. The sellers had sole intentions of maximising their profits by naming their goats after famous actors. The name their best goats which look good and muscular after the Khans of the Bollywood. The prices for these star goats ranged from Rs 15,000 to 5 lakhs. A seller made a huge profit by selling his star goat for a whooping amount. “I named my healthiest goat Salman Khan and it sold for Rs 1,35,000,” said Chand of Arshad Halal Meat Shop.

We were under the assumption that the trend of naming goats after Bollywood stars is new but the sellers tell us otherwise. According to the sellers, this happened even last year. In 2012, a pair of goats name Saifena was sold for a whopping 4 lakhs at Jama Masjid. The sellers said that they get their goats from Bulandshahar. These goats are healthy, have a glossy coat without any deformities and marks. These goat-sellers even decorate these star goats with accessories to attract customers. They paint the horns of the goats in bright colours and tie colourful leashes and anklets. Looks like the goats named after Bollywood actors will continue to sell for crazy amounts.

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