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Bollywood actresses who have been physically abused

All that glitters is not gold. This proverb fits perfectly well in the Bollywood scene. We think that Bollywood is all glamour and fanfare. All happy and smiles. All like a set of a film, little do we know the truth behind this. There are a lot of scars and beating. Surprised? Well, that’s the truth. Behind their pretty made up faces they hide a lot of scars and bruises. Worse of all they can’t even come in public about the brutality they face because they are afraid their careers will end. Bollywood is a bad bad world, aint it? Here’s a look at Bollywood actresses who have been physically abused.

Aishwarya Rai-Salman Khan

She was Miss World and had the world at her feet, her career was blooming and love life? It was a battlefield. She was dating Salman Khan. Their affair was a huge chunk of gossip, but when the split in 2000, everyone was in shock. The reason being, she had to deal with Salman’s alcoholism and was at the receiving end of his abuses. This went upto the extent that Aishwarya’s parents filed a complaint against Salman Khan for stalking, threatening and forcefully trying to enter Aishwarya’s house. The whole situation relapsed in 2002 when Salman Khan came on the sets of “Chalte Chalte” where Aishwarya was shooting with Shah Rukh Khan and reportedly hit her, pushed her to the ground and destroyed the set. Ultimately Aishwarya was sacked from the project and Rani Mukherjee replaced her. In an interview Aishwarya was quoted saying “There were times when Salman got physical with me, luckily without leaving any marks. And I would go to work as if nothing happened.”

Zeenat Aman

zeenat aman and sanjay khan
A model, a beauty queen and a sucessful career, Zeenat had everything except a good relationship or a happy married life. In the 80’s she was in a relationship with an already married Sanjay Khan. This relationship ended on a terrible note with reports stating that Sanjay Khan bashed Zeenat Aman in front of his wife in Taj. She was apparently beaten up so much that it left a permanent scar on her eye. She suffered from great depression and was on anti-depressants thrice a day. In an old report of one of her doctors, he said “Zeenat was in such a terrible state. Her face was covered with bruises and black eyes. There were blot clots in her eyes and her lips were severely cut.” She moved on and married Mazhar Khan . Unfortunately she was physically batted in this relationship too .Zeenat bravely spoke about this issue and brought it to limelight. She filed for a divorce but Mazhar’s sudden death brought an end to this traumatizing marriage of hers’.

Yukta Mookhey

This former Miss World is also a victim of domestic violence. She submitted a written letter to the Mumbai police in 2012 against her husband, Prince Tuli alleging harassment and abuse. She later filled an FIR claiming dowry harassment against him. She also claimed that her husband had been physically and Verbally abusing her and also forced her to have unnatural sex.

Nandita Puri

nandita and om puri
Critically acclaimed Bollywood actor Om Puri’s wife Nandita Puri filled a complaint against her husband in Mumbai on 22nd August 2013. In the complaint she alleged that her husband assaulted her with a wooden stick.

Shweta Tiwari

shwet and raja
The most popular actor on the small screen, Shweta Tewari was subject to domestic violence. She was always seen pouring her heart out in interviews about her troubled relationship. Her 14 years abusive marriage finally came to end when she got divorced. She claimed that her husband Raja, would get drunk and physically harm her. During their marriage too, Shweta had reported against Raja in police stations for physical and mental abuse.

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