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Akshay Kumar doesn’t want to do superhero flicks

Though Akshay Kumar is seen jumping from building to building, kicking the bad goons and doing other unbelievable stunts in most of his films, his latest being Boss, Khiladi Kumar is not keen on doing a superhero film.

Apparently, the actor was approached by some filmmaker for a superhero flick and seems quite excited to work with the Khilidi Bhai. But Akki refused the offer to the makers disappointment.

A source close to the actor says, the reason AK turned down the offer was because he did not feel like it. The source further adds, the actor wants to maintain his Khiladi persona and doesn’t want to try his hand at playing a superhero!

Well, Akshay Kumar has always essayed larger-than-life hero in all his films, a Superhero flick is nothing very great to him.

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