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Salman Khan and Elli Avram bond on the sets of BB7

Elli Avram, a 22-year-old actress who is half greek and half swedish is now on everyones lips. She has become a household name thanks to Salman Khan. Salman Khan is seen giving Elli special attention to her on the sets of the reality show which he hosts. Apparently, Elli reminds Sallu of a younger Katrina Kaif. We have even heard that Salman Khan and Elli Avram were seen bonding on the sets of the reality show Bigg Boss 7!

From hinting that Sallu would consider giving Elli a role in a film later, to suspecting the other inmates of being jealous of her for the extra attention she gets, the superstar has openly expressed his fondness for Elli. The Swedish actress, too, has been enjoying the attention. While a very special video message from Elli’s parents was shown on the reality show, we are now told that Elli’s parents will be flying down to Mumbai just to thanks Salman Khan in person.

Our source revealed, “Elli’s Greek dad Jannis Avramidis and Swedish mother Maria Garlund are coming to Mumbai on October 23rd. They have been watching the show and the flirting between Salman and Elli. They like the fact that Salman is keeping her cheerful and looking out for her on the show. That is why they want to meet Salman and personally thank him.”

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