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Khiladi 2 not to star Akshay Kumar

This might come as something disappointing for all Akshay Kumar fans but the producer Ratan Jain, who made the superhit film Khiladi in 1992, made an announcement that he will produce the sequel Khiladi 2 with a newcomer.

“Films that I have made are not too old. I started working in the 1990s, so yes, youth knows about my film. Yes, we are trying various ideas to come up with different films,” Jain told IANS. “I don’t know about remake, but we are planning to make a sequel to Khiladi. It’s in a very early stage, we are still scripting,” added the filmmaker.

The movie Khiladi became so iconic that it became synonymous with Akshay Kumar; who did a series of films with that word in the title. In fact, it achieved such a cult status that it is hard to imagine a film with the word “Khiladi” in it without Akshay Kumar.

“Most probably we will cast a new comer for the sequel,” Jain said when asked about the cast, confirming that Akshay Kumar will not star in the movie.

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