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Bollywood and Hollywood actors who look similar to each other!

Now we all know that there is famous saying that there are atleast seven people in the worl who look alike each other. While we may not be able to confirm that, what we can show you is the existence of famous celebrity dopplegangers around the world. Here are a few who we think have some resemblence with Hollywood stars.

When we talk about Rakhi Sawant, err.. we don’t want to. But there is a star in Hollywood who has many similarities with the Controversy queen of Bollywood. It’s Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe they look alike eachother in more than one way. Both have sex appeal, provocative mannerisms and an image to maintain. Not just that, they have a similar face and their eyes too look quite similar and both have the oomph factor which is quite a norm in Bollywood and Hollywood.

Off late, there were many comparisons between Angelina Jolie and Esha Gupta since the time the Bollywood actress made it big in the B-town, there were also many people saying that if Lara Croft was to be made in Bollywood, Esha would automatically be chosen to play ANgelina’s role. The Bombshell has striking similarities with Brad Pitt’s partner. Their Face shape, structure and most of all, their lips look very similar.

Swara Bhaskar who made a strong mark in Bollywood with her outstanding performance in the Dhanush-Sonam Kapoor starrer Raanjhana bears a striking resemblence with an American actress, director and narrator Kerry Washington. Both have a dusky look with slender frames. But the most striking similarities between them is their fill lips.

Now we wouldn’t be stretching it too far by comparing Kim Kardashian with Sophie Choudry. Both the beauties are well known for their near perfect fashion sense, but while Kim Kardashian raises eyebrows with her ability to stir up controversies, Sophie Choudry likes to keep a low-profile and keeps at bay from controversies. oth celebs have long faces and dark, free-flowing manes, which makes them look like twins.

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