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600 Masks for Krrish!

Hrithik Roshan used over 600 masks for Krrish in the upcoming film Krrish 3. Apparently, these masks were made of wax and had to be glued to his face and once used, they could not be reused.

Reportedly, the actor used 600-700 such masks, with each costing about Rs. 8000 to make. He used 5-6 masks per day as most of his scenes required him to be dressed as Krrish. There was also a separate air-conditioned van for storing them during the shoot.

Film-Maker and director of the movie Rakesh Roshan says “Hrithik will be seen more extensively as Krrish in this film. And due to the hot climate in Hyderabad, where a major portion of the film was shot, the masks would start melting after a while. As a result, he had to use more masks than he did in the last film.”

Rakesh Roshan adds that it is impossible for him to visualize making a film with anyone else other than Hrithik Roshan. “People will think I’m a fool if I don’t cast my own son Hrithik Roshan who is a great actor. Why would I take anybody else and take their s**t all day of coming late and all that? I tell Hrithik to come at 6 in the morning and he’s there. I keep him in mind because he can do and he does what I want him to do”

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