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The Harsh Column: 5 Things I Hate About Bollywood

These days, as most of you would agree with me, Bollywood has certainly fallen down to a considerable low standard of originality. There seems to be no head or tail to most of the movies that our filmmakers produce. Of course, there are exceptions but the movies that cross 100 crores are just mass entertainers which make no sense and relate to no person in real life. I wonder if Bollywood’s romantic movies are ‘this’ short of being termed as fairy tales? Anyway, here are the 5 things I hate about Bollywood and why!

Same storyline

Same old plot. Every frigging time! At first it was a hot guy saving a super  hot girl from the villain to win her heart. Now, the latest trend of storylines is that the guy falls in love with the girl but for some reason, they don’t want to be together. And to add to that,  the villain is just a comic side-kick. *coughPrakashRajcough*.

Overdoze of unnecassary love stories

Bollywood has this uncanny, stubborn and lame tendency to squeeze in a love-story in every flick no matter what genre it is. Kuch bhi, kahin bhi, beech mein ghusana toh banta hay! Leave the thrill alone, you son of a beeech!

Innumerable songs

The songs! Oh Lord. When will our cinematography go a level higher? Shahrukh Khan had once said during Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi that songs playing while the movie moving forward is the future of Bollywood but then the same actor was seen playing with a lungi in Chennai Express. And moreover, every frigging person on the street joins the actor and knows all the steps! Shiamak Davar ke classes mein discount chal raha hay kya bhai?

Dishoom Dishoom

Those crazy, unrealistic and over-the-top fight scenes and it’s sound effects. You know the dishoom dishoom and dishkeyaun dishkeyaun? Yeah that! AND please someone tell me for the love of god, what kind of a man survives 6 bullets, stands up on his feet, shoots the villain, shares a romantic moment with his heroine and THEN dies?

Vulgar item numbers

Item songs. Seems like, Bollywood has got it all wrong here with the response they get for item numbers. Let me get this straight. Munni Badnaam Hui, Mayya Mayya and Ishq Kamina were hits because they were GOOD songs not because the actress was wearing short clothes. And certainly not because the lyrics were simply outrageous.

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