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Will Akshay Kumar’s Boss make it big post OUATIMD?

Analysts said Akshay Kumar’s gangster flick Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara was not successful because it was overshadowed by Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express, which hogged all the available screens. Now, the same has been said about Akki bhai’s upcoming movie Boss because Ranbir Kapoor’s Besharam became Bollywood’s biggest release ever with the movie being released in 3600 screens.

But luckily for our Khiladi Bhai, Besharam has been a debacle and also, Akshay is doing everything humanly possible to promote the movie. Also, the movie is releasing on a holiday, Eid Ul Azha and after that, it’s the weekend. So the movie is definitely gonna have a big turnout, atleast in the initial days.

Akshay will be seen in the much loved action avatar in this movie. “All the action in the film is a highlight while fight to finish in the climax is, well, the true climax material. Excuse the pun,” winks Anthony D’Souza, the director, “This is something that audiences are going to lap it up big time. All stunts have been done by Akshay himself. He has punished his body but made sure that it all counts on screen.”

When asked about the expectations, Anthony says “I don’t even know how people decide numbers before a film comes out. Anyways, if you tell me that it is hot then I am ecstatic. Having said that, the fact remains that it’s always a film that talks for itself. Audience goes for films which are good. Any film which makes you laugh and cry will work. As a matter of fact, BOSS does make you laugh as well as cry. So there you go.”

We will have to wait and see if the movie hits it off..!

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