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Sonu Nigam throws a tantrum at Besharam Producers

Sonu Nigam, who composed the music for the upcoming movie Sooper Se Ooper starring Vir Das, has vented out his anger at the producers at Reliance Entertainment, who also made the recent disaster Besharam. He was angered by the fact that the producers, who extensively promoted Besharam, hardly bothered about this movie.

He tweeted saying, “Am amused that the Studio who has the film has done nothing to promote it. It’s sad that people who invested so much money in all their recent flops, have shown their back to a film that shows so much prospect. We put our heart & soul, even our own money for the film and Reliance Entertainment, having released duds like Besharam, David, etc. shamelessly kills our film.”

“There is such awesome music in Sooper Se Ooper. Movie’s concept allowed us to break free from the cliche. Pity that the people who own it are aborting their own child. Wish Reliance had the vision to make use of all that they got for literally nothing. The film is releasing on the 25th and even the songs are not on air yet. T-Series says they are yet to receive the letter of consent from Reliance Entertainment to allow publicity. Aisa kabhi hota hai kya? Shame.” He added.

“On Saturday morning, he pulled up Reliance Entertainment, the corporate house backing the film, for giving a step-motherly treatment to the film. He felt totally dejected that after promoting some recent disasters like Besharam and David so aggressively, Reliance just didn’t seem interested in Sooper Se Ooper,” said a source.

We wonder if things are going to be any different after this…

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