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Shahid Kapoor is keen on getting married! Woopiee!!

Haters will hate or they see me rollin’ and hating. These phrases perfectly fit when we talk about Shahid Kapoor or discuss his success. He is one of those guys who won’t appear in every movie. But the movie he does appear in will make you laugh, make you smile and also take you on a feels trip.

He came back to life after a year and gave us this amazing movie, Phata Poster Nikla Hero. The movie wasn’t a box office success (if you define success by the movie entering the 100crore club) but the movie was pretty good! At least it was way better than Ranbir Kapoor’s besharam! What do you guys think?

Shahid Kapoor says he was naive when he first came in the industry. He was talented yes, but he didn’t know what to do with his talent. He didn’t know which script was good and which script was bad. He didn’t exactly come from a filmy background. Both his parents belonged to parallel cinema and they were proud of it. But now Shahid is older and wiser and knows what movies to chose. He knows which script will fetch him fame,money,popularity et al.

One of his biggest mistake would be not taking up Rockstar. But then again, it could be possible that it wouldn’t be a hit if not for Ranbir. We can never imagine Shahid doing something so aggressive. He also declined Besharam. Good choice I would say.

Shahid is like a old wine. The older it gets, the better it tastes, but in our case, Shahid gets hotter and hotter by the day. Now this hottie has been in news all along for his alleged relationships. If rumours are to be belived, he had a string of affairs with every actress possible But then again, those are just tabloids and all. So no truth in them. but when asked Shahid about his equation on love and marriage, he says, “Marriage k liye ladki chahiye hoti hai na. First, let me find a girl. Pyaar hoga, phir shaadi hogi.. But yes, marriage will happen for sure.” Isn’t that cute? Is Shahid waiting for Priyanka Chopra? we never know! Lets hope for the best and wish this hottie all the luck1

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