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Saif and Kareena’s love story: A fairy tale!

Their’s is the most passionate, crazy and wild love story of Bollywood. It’s like what we read in novels and dream of! they were in love and went through all the hurdles with a smiling face. For them it seemed simple, they fell in love, lived together and decided to get married; but for others it was a large chunk of gossip. Their love story has gone through a lot of phases. Well, it qualifies to be an Ekta Kapoor’s film for all the gossip, drama and entertainment but ultimately its a tale o two superstars. Here’s Saif and Kareena’s love story candid and up close.

Kareena before Saif and after Shahid

Kareena was on the peak of her career and her relationship with Shahid Kapur was in full swing. They did a movie together “Jab We Met” which was a block buster. Everything was going good when out of the blue Shahid and Kareena decided to part ways! the reasons still remains a mystery. Many say Kareena was too much for Sasha to handle while some say Kareena was bored o her man. Funny as it may seem, that’s the truth. There was a lot o speculation but all in vein. The break up also made it to the headlines of all leading newspaper in fact there’s was termed as the “Break-up o the Year”.

Saif and Kareena’s bike ride

Saif and Kareena
All said and done, both of them were single and seemed ignorant about the paparazzi. Shahid was linked to a bunch of ladies post his Break-up and seemed to be enjoying the new Casanova image. Kareena maintained a low profile and a little later decided to serve us some rather hot juicy gossip. She threw caution in the air when she was spotted with Saif Ali Khan on the bike and they seemed really comfortably with each other and a suitcase. Yes, you heard it right!

How they met

Saif and Kareena
This ultra glam couple met during the shooting of their film “Tashan”. Though the film wasn’t a hit, the couple was a super hit!

Saif before Kareena

Saif and Kareena
Saif was a divorcee with 2 kids. To add to this, his ex-wife was 13 years older than him and Kareena is 10 years younger to him. All of this didn’t affect Kareena. Well, as they say love is blind.

The tattoo

Saif and Kareena
The man too loved his lady and their romance was never under wraps. he has got her named inked on his forearm and is seen proudly flaunting it.


Saif and Kareena
The couple decided to move in and live together which was a huge shock to everyone considering Kareena was having a very successful career and Saif though was popular was still dangling mid-air. Live-in relationships is still considered a taboo. They seemed unperturbed by all this and was kept the going was their love for each other. They attended all promotional events, award functions et al arm in arm, very much in love.

And they lived happily ever after

Saif and Kareena
They lived for 5 years and then decided to get married and voila its their 1st wedding anniversary today! Their wedding was no big, grand affair. They got out of their bedroom, signed the papers in the hall and were declared man and wife. Everything happened fuss free. Their reception was a grand affair that saw a lot of industry walas in full attendance

All is well

Saif and Kareena
Through all this one thing has remained constant. their love. They disappear for a holiday in the middle o crazy schedule. They travel across the globe to be with each other even if it is for a day. They are like chilled out college goers who have a romantic story to tell to the world. All’s well that ends well.

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