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Ram Gopal Varma Releases Track inspired from ‘The Godfather’

It is common knowledge that Ram Gopal Varma has some kind of a fetish for gangster flicks. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the iconic gangster movie The Godfather, inspires him. In fact, his movie Sarkar is based on the movie and it has a note in the beginning that says “Like countless directors across the world I also have been inspired by ‘The Godfather’ and this film is a tribute to it.”

The same way, his upcoming gangster flick Satya 2 has a track that has been inspired from the theme song of The Godfather. This song has a note that reads “‘The Godfather’ theme music has been one of my most favourite film themes of all time. I was desirous of redesigning the same in another context to be used in a promotional video for ‘Satya 2′.”

We have listened to it and and we feel, for all the The Godfather lovers, this track is like a perfect tribute.

Satya 2: The Godfather Track



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