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Deepika Padukone rescues a child, Rajputs protest over Ram Leela

Deepika Padukone was in Ahmedabad recently to promote her highly anticipated release Ram Leela. During the event, the entire crowd was beyond control and went berserk, Deepika then stepped in to rescue a child who was stuck in the crowd and no one seemed to have noticed the little kid stuck there. The incident happened while Deepika was at a garba event promoting Ram Leela. Ram Leela has been in the spotlight for a lot of wrong reasons and has been facing protests from the Rajput community as they claim that the content in the movie might cause disputes and enmity between communities.

Deepika was surprised when she landed in Ahmedabad, as there were many Rajputs who were protesting against her due to her upcoming flick. As a matter of fact, the scene even then got worse and police had to step in due the rescue act. Around 40 people from the Rajput community were detained and taken to the police station. We now hear that some of the protesters had even fully prepared to pelt eggs and tomatoes at Ram Leela’s leading actress Deepika Padukone. Somehow, the incident of pelting eggs didn;t take place as the Rajputs were informed that the offensive content from the movie have either been cut, or have been edited from the movie.

Despite all these protests, Deepika showed that she has a heart of gold. She did not once hesitate to save the child who was stuck in the crowd with no family member nearby. A source revealed, “Everyone was trying their best to catch a glimpse of Deepika, not realising that a child was getting smothered in the middle”. Deepika then took the child away from the crowd who were in a very violent mood and asked her team to find the parents of the little kid. “Since she couldn’t spot them around the area, she asked her team to find them,” the source added.

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