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Akshay Kumar wants to do vampire flicks like Twilight?

Akshay Kumar in a recent interview revealed that he is currently on the look out for scripts that revolve around vampires.

Akshay Kumar, who was in Dubai recently to promote his upcoming flick ‘Boss’, told that he had never imagined that somebody would ever make films on zombies in the B-Town, Gulf News reported

The 46 year old actor said the above comments after watching the Bollywood’s first zombie comedy film ‘ Go Goa Gone’. He had immediately called Saif Ali Khan, who was the actor and producer of the movie and praised him for his efforts.

Akshay Kumar said that he loves the idea of vampires sucking blood and is looking forward to playing the role of a vampire soon. Looks like, the Khiladi of Bollywood wants to have some Blood-Sucking action flicks coming his way. The only hit saga of ‘Twilight’ comes to out mind when we talk about vampires..

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