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Memorable romantic songs of Shahrukh Khan

Who is Shahrukh Khan? Superstar? King of Bollywood? A romantic hero or the guy we all love and are crazy about? Well, he is all the above. His movies make us believe in the naive concept of love and make us fall deeper and deeper into the pit of love. Oh! And his songs? They are amazing! A rainy day, hot cup of coffee and his songs would just make our day better. Take a look at the best romantic songs of Shahrukh Khan


Tujhe Dekha Toh

Hmmm.. The moment we listen to this song, we get transformed to a dream like state where girls start to imagine themselves as Simran and are waiting and sighing for their Raj to come and sweep them off their feet. this song has this romantic element


Jaadu Teri Nazar

Agreed that the circumstances of this song are not very great. Nobody wants a stalker. No matter how cute/hot/good looking he is, a stalker is a no no. But this song is just too good and ca be noted as the most romantic song of Shahrukh. A little creepy but it’s alright. We love him!


Humko Humise Churalo

Never really realized how long this song was. Aishwarya Rai’s and Shahrukh Khan’s paring is just amazing. No. By amazing I don’t mean it in a sexy alluring way but in a very natural, lovey-dovey way. The song, even though pictured on three other couples, describes Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya’s feelings completely.


Main Yahaan Hoon

Veer-Zaara. This movie is a cult classic. It’s the type where you watch it over and over again. In the theater that is. The song is a dream sequence but how I wish this was the real deal! Too bad that Shahrukh and Ms Zinta waste 20 years of their life away from each other. Really sad.


Main Agar Kahoon

Brilliant! This song just describes our feelings towards the King Khan. He is our heartthrob and we love him to bits. Talking about the song, the lyrics pretty much explain all his feelings. Its like carrying your heart on your sleeve.

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