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War Chhod Na Yaar – Bollywood’s breakthrough into a new genre, War Comedy

Faraz Haider’s directorial debut, War Chhod Na Yaar is going to be India’s first war comedy. The director says, “Many aggressive and romantic films have been made around the India-Pakistan issue. But there has never been a war comedy based on it. That’s why I wanted to make this film.”

Soha Ali Khan,  who plays a reporter, says, “Every journalist dreams of going to the border to cover the war and report scoops and scandals. While my character goes to the border, she doesn’t see what she had expected. The film has a refreshing take on a pertinent subject, especially since the tensions have increased between the two countries.”

Sharman Joshi, who plays an Indian army officer, says, “I play a captain, who stands for all the right values. But he is also a flirt, who never misses an opportunity to impress girls. I loved the script and said yes instantly. The fact that Faraz had a young crew made the experience all the more worthwhile as it was fun on the sets.”

Javed Jaffery, who will be seen as a Pakistani officer, says, “My character is upright, honourable and dignified. Being a bachelor, marriage is a sticky topic for him. He falls in love with Soha’s character. While he respects the Indian captain (Sharman), there is a healthy competition between them. Some people have raised apprehensions about trivialising war, but I’ll say this is a clever take on the subject.”

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