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Prabhu Deva says R…Rajkumar is just perfect for Shahid Kapoor

Prabhu Deva has worked with all the big actors like Salman Khan in Wanted and Akshay Kumar in Rowdy Rathore and has given the actors their biggest box office collections of those times. And now, the actor has returned to his action-packed style with Shahid Kapoor with R…Rajkumar. And Shahid Kapoor desperately needs a hit before he goes down crashing even further.

After watching the trailer, it certainly looks like Shahid Kapoor has been enjoying himself in front of the camera and this could be his career-changing film.

“For that, full credit should actually go to Shahid himself and no one else. This kind of freshness can be experienced only when a hero has total belief in you. He did everything for the film from the bottom of his heart and it was so nice to see him totally surrendering himself to my vision. Today, everyone is so happy with him, be it the co-actors, technicians or the producers,” says Prabhu Deva.

But we wonder if the filmmaker/choreographer was confident about picking Shahid Kapoor as the lead hero after his string of flops.
Laughs Prabu Dheva, “For that you would have to see R… Rajkumar. He has not just given his heart and soul, but also his blood and sweat. Well, literally, since he got hurt so many times right through the film’s shoot. As for him being the first and final choice for the film then well, just like Wanted was tailor-made for Salman Khan and Rowdy Rathore wouldn’t have been possible without Akshay Kumar, R… Rajkumarcouldn’t have been realized for the big screen if not for Shahid Kapoor.” 

He goes on to add, “When you see the promos, you can say yourself that the film is just perfect for Shahid Kapoor. This is the reason why it all seems convincing on screen. See, you can fool yourself but not the audience. Moreover, while each of the men in the industry has indulged in action, Shahid has not. Him doing action is actually the USP of the film. After all, it is for the first time that a young hero is stepping into that mode. It would be a new genre for all involved.”



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