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Oops! Shilpa Shetty was repeatedly called Vidya Balan

At the launch of a jewellery store in Pune, actress Shilpa Shetty was mistakenly called Vidya Balan. What’s amusing is that, this mistake wasn’t made once or twice, but repeatedly.

Interestingly, Shilpa was called specially for the launch of the jewellery store which is on the 8th floor, as her birthday also falls on the same date (June 8).

When the owners mistakenly addressed Shilpa as Vidya, a confused Shilpa exclaimed, “I will forgive you for that. Never mind, Vidya is a friend.”

Meanwhile, Vidya Balan is the brand ambassador of the store and will remain one for the next two years. However, since she is presently out of the country, shooting for a film, Shilpa was called to inaugurate it.

Since Vidya is already signed, the owners do not wish to take any other ambassadors for their store. However, they did express their gratitude to Shilpa for having taken out time for them.

Shilpa jokingly showed ‘interest in being the brand ambassador,’ by telling, “I wish Vidya goes for a lot of tours and outdoors and I guess I get the opportunity.”
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