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Why Mallika Sherawat agreed to be the Bachelorette

Mallika Sherawat is currently the topic of discussion and why shouldn’t she be? She’s the bachelorette and is determined to find love and all the joy that it brings. Here are few reasons why she chose to be the bachelorette!

1. She needs to find true love! Yeah, right! Out of all the people in this world, she narrowed her search of finding true love to few crazy guys!

2. Money, money, money! It’s all about the money money money! Okay, I’m not crazy. Ms Sherawat is getting paid of whopping amount of 1 crore. Per episode!

3. She’s bored of her normal life and wants some drama.

4. She loves controversies.

5. Because she thinks she’s cool like that!

6. She needs and I mean it when I say needs! She needs people to notice her.

7. She actually wants to get married! Pftt!

8. Her way of showing that she is an extremely talented actress and people should start noticing her and directors should chuck Deepika and Kareena and sign her instead.

9. She needs all the publicity and fame that she can get!

10. Did you guys consider the fact that she has nothing better to do other than appearing in this crazy reality show?

11. She wants to avoid all the international attention that’s getting and wants to murder even the slight chances of her being an international celebrity.

12. She’s the chosen one!

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